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Our Products


Design and Performance

The perfect mix between modern and retro style creates an unique design that combines soft curves and sharp edges, maximizing the aesthetic impact of the machine from any angle and making it perfectly suited to all interior decor styles.


Solid and Functional

The modern design and the high quality of components makes Teknica the most requested by customers looking for value for money. Thanks to the robustness and reliability of Teknica, even with intensive use, the excellence of coffee brewing is guarantee.


Dependable and Wieldy

Made in Italy components combined with a linear and compact design give birth to a coffee machine suitable for customers who seek for high quality coffee and reasonable price.


Small and Professional

Pratika, the smallest of ACM’s home is ideal for demanding customers and Espresso lovers who want to enjoy the real espresso at home. Perfect at home and activities such as B&B, catering or small hotels.

Coffee grinders, Tampers and coffee knock drawers. ACM offers a range of inevitable additional components to combine our professional machines.


PRO at home

Perfect for homes and offices. A compact machine with the professional Levetta brewing group.